Massive redevelopment in the works

December 19, 2012 by  

City officials in stow are in the process of planning a major redevelopment of the Stow-Kent plaza located on Kent Road. The shopping center has been targeted by the property owners and city officials as a primary part of a massive redevelopment plan and initiative in the city. The goal of the redevelopment plan is to transform the shopping center, which is currently occupied by all retail stores, into a mixed-use plaza that houses office space and living compartment, as well as retail stores.

Today, the Stow-Kent Plaza has less than 50% occupancy, with only a handful of retailers and shops. Rob Kurtz, Planning Director, said that some stores in the plaza are doing well, but others are struggling. Kurtz sites people’s changing shopping habits since the plaza opened in 1959 as one of the reasons these businesses are having trouble.
Mayor Sara Drew stated:

“Having the plaza function as a strictly retail center is an old-fashioned approach to development in a modern economy.”

As the city of Stow implements massive reconstruction of the Stow-Kent Plaza, local print companies might expect some extra business. As new retailers and businesses move into the renovated shopping center, they are likely to require a large variety of printed materials in the form of advertising and business documents. Catalog printing, flyer printing, and even postcard printing by some new retailers and businesses may be needed. Additionally, banner printing is often used to announce grand opening events and promotions.

The redevelopment of the plaza is expected to be a couple of years in the works.