Fundraising efforts raised over $8,000 for Stow youngster

July 23, 2012 by  

A fundraiser to benefit young Keith Burkett, a kindergartener at Fishcreek Elementary, raised thousands of dollars on Sunday, July 8. The event was held at Laziza, a restaurant located in Kent, where in excess of $8,000 was collected to assist the young Stow citizen and his family with medical expenses. Laziza is owned by Michael Awad, who helped organize the event.

Keith’s doctors diagnosed him recently with an unspecified soft tissue sarcoma. They are confident, however, that radiation and chemotherapy treatments will be successful in shrinking the tumor to be small enough to enable them to remove it with surgery. Jennifer Morris, who assisted in organizing the fundraising effort, said that this will probably mean at least a year of hospital visits for the kindergartener.

In an effort to assist the family with the many medical bills that will accumulate over the next year or so, Awad, Morris, and other volunteers organized the fundraising dinner at Awad’s restaurant. Morris stated:

“There were about 180 tickets sold, and we had a silent auction. The owner and his staff donated their time while the owner donated all of the food and 100 percent of the money to the Burkett family.”

Organizers of fundraising events and community drives often raise awareness about the event with flyer printing and poster printing. Banner printing is also often used at fundraisers or banners may be displayed prior to the event to raise further awareness.

For this event, tickets were priced at $50 per couple and Keith’s family was very pleased with the turnout and touched by the support of the community.