Booster Club at local high school raising funds with help from Hudson Village Pizza

March 16, 2012 by  

The Booster Club at Stow Munroe Falls High School is currently conducting its annual pizza fundraiser with help from Hudson Village Pizza, Inc. The pizza fundraiser started February 15 and will continue until March 31. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to purchase athletic supplies and upgrade the athletic buildings for the Kimpton Junior High School and the Stow Munroe Falls High School.

Hudson Village Pizza is a V.P.I fundraising company that was established in 1986 to assist in the fundraising efforts of community organizations and high schools. V.P.I provides the students with a full-color brochure and order forms to take orders for French bread pizza and other products offered by Hudson Village Pizza.

When fundraising events such as the pizza fundraiser by the Stow High School include ordering of special products or food, brochure printing, flyer printing and other printing services are often necessary. Students and schools often use fundraising companies such as the V.P.I fundraising company to furnish these products in order to raise funds for school activities and supplies.

The Stow Munroe Falls High School, located at 3227 Graham Road, has on-site practice fields, tennis courts and athletic fields for student use. Approximately $50 million is divided amongst all of the schools in the Stow Munroe Falls school district. Much of this money goes towards the upgrade and maintenance of the high school’s facility. With the help of fundraising efforts such as the Booster Club’s pizza fundraiser and the assistance of fundraising companies like Hudson Valley Pizza, the schools and students, with the help of local citizens, can help raise even more money to go towards the purchase of these items.