Area schools and others helping save historical schoolhouse

October 13, 2012 by  

Local schools are pitching in to help the Stow Historical Society save a one-room schoolhouse that is currently facing the possibility of demolition.

The historical school building, which is more than a century old, is the last in the area but it is facing demolition unless the Stow Historical Society can manage to raise enough funds to move it from its current location at 5090 Young Road to the Heritage Reserve Park.

The Stow Historical Society has until December 1 to raise $45,000 to move the historic building. A number of fundraising efforts will occur between now and then in search of the funds. The Save Our Schoolhouse (SOS) campaign has received tremendous support throughout the community in its efforts to save the old schoolhouse.

Local printing companies are often called upon to assist with fundraising projects within a community. Brochure printers and other printing services are typically used to help raise awareness within the community and inform citizens about the cause.

Most recently, students at Kimpton Middle School presented a performance showing how the schoolroom has evolved since the 1880s. The presentation was last Saturday, October 6, and coincided with the Heritage Festival. Students re-enacted history and math lessons dating back to the 1880s and then transitioned to the modern-day classroom lessons.

The school district will also be hosting a change drive amongst the students until October 19. The room in each school that raises the most money will be awarded with an ice-cream party, sponsored by Handel’s.