Regency Apartments go green

June 26, 2012 by  

Regency Apartments in Parma are “going green” with a community garden offered to residents this spring and summer. The apartment complex is also providing separate recycling bins to promote recycling habits amongst the residents.

The community garden is located in a large enclosed area in front of the recreation center. There is space in the area for approximately 50 small gardens. A variety of herbs, vegetables, and other plants can be seen growing in the garden. The Regency does not just provide the space for the gardens though, as they also purchased the vegetables and other seeds and plants needed.

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“Farmer Mike” can be found at the community garden about four times a week, watering, fertilizing, and tending to the gardens. Residents also come to the garden each day to check their area and tend to their plants. Mike is also providing a gardening class for children in the area this summer, which began on Saturay, June 16. He intends to show them how to plant beans and potatoes and tend to them so they grow properly. An occasional extra treat, such as an earthworm experiment, is also thrown in for the kids as they develop their green fingers.