Parma to start repaving some of its streets

April 26, 2013 by  

The Service Department of the City of Parma, Ohio, is currently listing all the streets that it plans to repave during 2013, and will send that list to the City Council soon. However, some of the repairs have already started.

Brian Higgins, service director, told the city council that street repaving had begun on April 3. His remarks were in response to a question from Councilwoman Mary Buchholz Galinas, who said that some city residents had already asked her when the 2013 repaving efforts would start. Higgins added that Parma would be seeking bids for construction materials such as concrete and asphalt.

The director added that the Service Department will actively ask for the input of the City Council as to which streets it thinks should be part of this year’s repaving efforts. While the Service Department waits for the Council’s input, it will go ahead with repaving, with three crews working every day. The city crews will have additional help from three private contracting companies, according to Higgins.

It is apparent from Galinas’s comments that Parma residents are aware of the annual repaving and interested in how it will affect them. The City Council might consider working with flyer printing services to develop a mailing piece that lists the streets to be repaved, the dates of the repaving, and suggestions for routes to use while the repaving is underway, thus alleviating any confusion or frustration about work taking place in the area.