Parma residents will soon have a new shopping mecca

July 16, 2013 by  

Shoppers in Parma, Ohio, will soon have a renovated shopping area to enjoy. According to a news item from July 12, work has begun on the renovation of the Parmatown Mall into a new development to be called ‘The Shoppes of Parma’.

Workers began the initial phase of the work on July 8 near West Ridgewood Drive. The construction in this location consists of resurfacing the parking lot, building new sidewalks, putting up new light poles, and installing new, landscaped traffic islands.

In addition to these projects, workers will get six sites ready for new buildings that are planned to front on West Ridgewood. Roy Williams, who is a vice president with the company that owns Parmatown Mall, noted that the preparation of the sites is a vital initial step in the process, with major renovations and the construction of the new buildings to occur later. The first phase of the renovation should be finished by this fall.

Although Parmatown Mall’s owners do not have a precise starting date for the six new buildings, at least one should break ground this year. They also plan to remodel the façade of Parmatown Plaza – a strip near the mall itself.

Since the Shoppes of Parma are not new construction but the result of renovations, the owners might like to announce their opening with a party, and could work with banner printing experts to create colorful pennants to enliven the opening celebration. Since banners can be used outside, they would be perfect to hang throughout the new center.