Parma introduces automated waste collection system

March 7, 2013 by  

Parma, Ohio, residents packed a meeting at City Hall on February 28 to question officials about the city’s new automated waste collection system.

This was the third of four meetings the city has planned to answer residents’ queries about the new procedures. The fourth meeting is scheduled for tonight, March 7, at 6:30 pm.

The discussion for this group centered on concerns about how older folks would be able to handle their waste, which will have to be placed in specially designed containers that are wheeled to the curb. Residents currently place their trash in bags and set it out for collection.

Republic Services is the firm that will implement the new program and a Republic representative, David Kidder, responded to questions. He explained that the garbage trucks Republic uses have mechanical arms designed to lift the carts and empty them into the truck. The procedure reduces the number of injuries sustained by sanitation works, as well as requiring fewer such workers in the first place. Kidder also said that the new system will result in more items being recycled, which is important since landfills are running out of space.

Kidder also assured residents that even heavy snow would not impede the waste collection efforts using the new system. His answer appeared to allay residents’ uneasiness, and most appeared willing to give it a chance.

City officials could work with flyer printing experts to create a mailer for residents that will explain in detail how the new system works. They should probably include drawings of the carts and the trucks for maximum clarity.