Walking tour of ancient mounds planned for August 11

August 9, 2012 by  

This weekend, the public is invited to view and learn about the Newark Earthworks on a walking tour through the cities of Heath and newark on Saturday, August 11.

The scenic and educational walk is being sponsored by the Newark Earthworks Center in an effort to support the Ancient Ohio Trail website, created in an effort to support and raise awareness about earthworks located in and around southern Ohio. It is being led by Jeff Gill, who created the tour as a way to help launch the website.

Those participating in the walk will meet at White Field at 9:00 am on Saturday. From there, the walk will continue for eight miles. Including a lunch break, it will last approximately seven hours and be completed at around 4:00 pm.

Public and community events like this typically announce the event with flyer printing or poster printing to raise awareness about the activity. Brochure printing may also be used at informational and educational events to provide participants with extra information.

Currently, the Newark Earthworks consists of two large geometric enclosures located in Heath and Newark. The Great Circle is located in Heath and is managed as a public park. It is fully accessible and includes a museum, which is open all week during the summer and five days a week the rest of the year. The other enclosure is The Octagon, which is currently being leased to Moundbuilders Country Club. A portion of the area is opened to the public on a regular basis but the rest of the area is only accessible four days a year.