Super storytelling comes to Newark

September 19, 2012 by  

Through a story told by Julie Pasquel later on today, families and their kids will learn about the importance of saving money, making choices, and spending only when necessary.

Pasquel has a history as a ballerina under the tutelage of Dick Andros. Her work first appeared in both modern dance and ballet with companies that created musical theatre in all fifty states. Since then, she has taken on a roll as an actress and worked in Shakespeare, as well as works by teenage inner-city playwrights. She has performed in the Big Apple Circus as a clown and in various New York hospitals but she is probably best known for her storytelling.

Her shows integrate all her performing skills and are designed to pass along both a visual and auditory message to children and their parents. She has told stories in large venues and public libraries, such as the Kennedy Center and many public libraries and schools, and is in high demand. Pasquel has recorded stories that aid the blind and handicap and loves to work with children, which is obvious by the number of kids who flock around her after her storytelling sessions.

Poster printing may have been the chosen method to promote this storytelling legend to residents of the community and surrounding areas. Admission to this event is free and everyone is welcome. This performance will take place today, September 19, at 4:00 pm at the Newark Public Library in Newark, New Jersey. For more info, visit the Newark Public Library website or call during regular business hours.