Ohio woman to lead first Ancient Ohio Day Camp

July 19, 2012 by  

Mary Gordon, a native of Granville, will be leading the area’s first Ancient Ohio Day Camp early in August. The camp will be run August 6 – August 10 and will cost $110 per child for the week. Gordon, who is employed as an educator at the Ohio State University-Newark in The newark Earthworks Center, hopes to make the experience an annual event.

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The day camp is sponsored by the Ancient Ohio Trail and the Ohio State University-Newark. It will focus upon the Native American culture, historical significance, and ancient history of the area. Children attending the Ancient Ohio Day Camp will visit the Flint Ridge and the Great Circle. They will learn about the Hopewell Native American culture, as well as the earthworks in Newark.

Children attending the camp will also be taught various survivor skills, such as starting a fire using a bow drill, knapping flint, and spear-throwing. Campers will also play games that were designed to help bring them closer with their natural surroundings. On the final day of the camp, they will even get to sample Native American foods.

July 27 is the last day to register for the Ancient Ohio Day Camp, so interested parties are urged to be quick.