Newark starts repairs on downtown parking garage

April 25, 2013 by  

Warmer weather means work can start on outdoor projects, and Newark, Ohio, is doing just that.

The city has recently begun work on the damaged underground parking garage adjacent to Newark City Hall. Once this project is finished, workers will start repairing the parking lot above the garage.

Jeff Hall, Newark’s mayor, said repairs could not wait any longer for two reasons. First, the structure’s support beams are deteriorating, nearby sidewalks are crumbling, and the pavement over the garage has holes in it. Secondly, waiting any longer will make the repairs more expensive. Current estimates suggest that repairing the garage now will cost $200,000 or less, whereas waiting could raise the price to more than $1m.

Money for the repairs comes from $2.2m the city borrowed, and this amount is earmarked for not only the garage and parking lot repairs, but also work on the South Second Street Bridge, as well as a new fire station to be located on South Fourth Street.

Work began at the start of the month when experts from Lithko Restoration, a construction company located in Columbus, blocked off the garage and the parking lot. It began by chipping out the deteriorated material from the supports and repairing them with concrete. After Lithko personnel have finished with the underground garage, they plan to waterproof the above-ground lot and pave it with concrete.

The entire project should be finished in approximately 90 days, with the facilities back in use by July. City officials might work with flyer printing services to create a mailer for Newark residents, explaining the repairs and telling them when the lots will reopen.