Newark residents must obtain permit to post ‘lost dog’ signs

April 7, 2012 by  

When local resident Jody Gardner posted signs around the city in search of her lost dog, Newark officials claimed her actions were illegal and said she had to obtain a permit to post them. According to city regulations, the signs are deemed to be ‘promotional material’ for which Gardner must receive a permit before posting throughout the city.

When pets are missing, individuals often draw up a poster, printing numerous copies to be placed around the area. City officials in Newark, however, have regulated that this practice is against the law if a permit is not first obtained from the city. Additionally, signs that are considered to be ‘promotional material,’ for which a permit has been acquired, can only be posted in the city twice a year for 30 days each time.

Jody Gardner’s dog ‘Flowers’ has been missing since December. Since then, she has placed thousands of flyers throughout the community, hoping that someone will spot her beloved pet and return the dog to her. She stated that a cherished pet is not just a dog (or cat, or other pet) but a part of the family.

City officials in Newark stated that they have received numerous complaints from local citizens about Gardner’s signs. Brian Moorehead, a Newark Engineer, said they found flyers at intersections and at curbs throughout the city. He stated that some were even posted on stop signs, which is illegal. Gardener says that she in no way wants to break the law – she just wants to find her beloved dog.