Newark area linemen are pin-ups for animal shelter

October 31, 2013 by  

A local cat-lover has extended his appreciation of furry felines by publicizing his fondness of them in a calendar.

Dave Seel, a lineman at American Electric Power, has found a number of abandoned cats while working on power lines over the years, and taken them to the Licking County Human Society. The shelter is in Heath, four miles from Newark. Seel’s compassion for the strays allowed him to develop a close relationship with the shelter, and one day he pitched the idea of a cat calendar to help raise funds.

Seel has no trouble admitting he is crazy about his cats, but knows other men might feel embarrassed to admit how much they love their felines. In order to change that, and to help the shelter, he came up with the idea of having linemen pose for the calendar pages, holding shelter cats available for adoption. The 2014 calendar is called ‘LOL . . . Linemen or Lions’, and is available now.

The Society’s executive director, Lori Carlson, loved the idea immediately, because, in her words, “these are macho men”.

Seel asked other power workers in Columbus and Newark to help with the effort. At first, only 12 agreed, but eventually 20 men showed up. The photos are all in black-and-white, with utility trucks as background props, giving a classic feeling to the calendar. Carlson chose the cats, who are all older (older cats are less adoptable than kittens) and need forever homes.

The Humane Society could work with a flyer printing company to prepare a hand-out describing the calendar and encouraging people to purchase it.