Christmas Walk strolls through downtown Utica

December 14, 2012 by  

The Seventh Annual Christmas Walk took place in Utica, just north of Newark, on Wednesday, December 5. The Christmas Walk is Utica’s primary community Christmas celebration and is made possible each year by a number of local supporters and businesses. This year, approximately 70 organizations and businesses within the community contributed to the Christmas Walk. The annual festival consisted of food, music, a scavenger hunt, and visits from Frostie the Snowman and Santa Claus. Activities took place on Main Street, which was closed for two hours while the community celebrated.

The main attraction of the Christmas Walk is the scavenger hunt, in which participants must collect prizes from each of the 49 businesses and organizations located along Main Street. Once participants have collected the prizes and completed their sheets, they turn in their sheets for a chance at a raffle prize. Raffle prizes are donated by local businesses.

Diane Benson, who helps coordinate the event each year with Scott Gilbreath and Martha Wilson, said:

“It’s not going out shopping. It’s just plain fun.”

Organizers of annual community celebrations often utilize printing services offered by local print companies to advertise and announce the festivities to members of the community. Banner printing may also be used at these kinds of activities to welcome guests or direct them to a specific area.

Brian Walters, who owns Yellowdog Express, a convenience store and gas station located on the corner of Johnson-Utica Road and Main Street, was honored at this year’s Christmas Walk. Walters, who is soon to retire, has been running the store for over 25 years and has served as an important fixture in Utica.