Middleburg Heights residents invited to try blacksmithing

December 11, 2018 by  

While many may think blacksmithing is a dying craft, a Middleburg Heights area workshop will offer hands-on training in the art of forging iron.

The full day ‘Introduction to Blacksmithing’ workshop is intended for both those who have never worked with iron, and also anyone who would like more time to build upon their current skills. The organizer noted that the class is intended to be as fun as it is educational, and each of the students will be going home with a piece of iron they have forged themselves.

The day will open with an introduction to the safety practices that should be followed when working with hot metal. The students will also learn about how to hold and swing the hammer, as well as the correct stance for when they are working at the forge. Next, they will be guided through the steps of drawing out, twisting, and scroll work.

Once they are well grounded in the basics, the attendees will have a chance to try out their skills by making their own project, such as a plant hanger, wall art or candle holder. Those who are interested can sign up on their own or with a friend, but whatever option they choose, they are reminded to wear closed-toed shoes so their feet are protected.

This event will offer an introduction to blacksmithing, and once an individual has completed it, they will be welcome to sign up for other classes. Brochure printing can be used to craft informative marketing materials for an event like this.

Cleveland Blacksmithing LLC will be hosting this workshop on January 19. The venue for the activity is located at 4009 Fulton Court in Cleveland.