Medina plans fixes for dangerous roads

August 25, 2013 by  

In Medina, plans were recently announced concerning the widening of the area’s most dangerous road. According to a news item published earlier this month, Medina officials have been working for almost 10 years to get the project underway. The planned improvement is to widen U.S. Route 42 between Fenn Road, which is in Medina Township, and Harding Street in Medina itself, by adding a fifth lane.

The improvement is vital because this particular section of the road, which is 1 ½ miles long, is the most unsafe in Medina. Not only will widening the road improve safety, it will help businesses in the area by reducing congestion.

The project will cost approximately $47 million, according to Ohio Governor John Kasich, and is one of over 40 road improvement projects scheduled throughout the state. Medina is contributing approximately $1 million to the work, and the total for all the work is in the range of $3 billion.

According to Ohio Department of Transportation deputy director Allen Biehl, who is the director for District 3, the road construction will create some 60,000 jobs statewide. In addition, there is another project planned for Medina County, though it is still in the planning stages – widening a mile and a half of Route 18.

A project of this size will mean a lot of traffic disruption, delays, and detours, which can make drivers impatient. Medina officials could work with a flyer printing service to create a piece for mailing to residents. The flyer could explain the timing of the delays, where detours could be found, and how long the entire project will take until it’s finished.