Medina gets road repairs underway

April 15, 2013 by  

Construction projects are weather-dependent and, as it gets warmer and drier, more communities are working outdoors. This is the case in Medina, Ohio, which is making final plans for the road repair projects it will undertake this summer.

Members of Medina’s City Council met last Monday, April 8, to discuss the various projects scheduled to begin in 2013. Patrick Patton, Medina City Engineer, expressed concern about resurfacing State Route 57 and State Route 18 later in the year, major construction projects that have not received a final resolution from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Patton noted that preliminary legislation has already been enacted; what is needed now is final passage of legislation to formalize the city’s agreement to help ODOT with funding to repave the two routes. He added that the project will happen in 2013, probably beginning in July or August, and that the total estimated cost is expected to top $2m, of which Medina will pay $616,690.

He announced another paving project for the city – Fabrizi Trucking and Paving won the contract to repave West Smith Road, a project set to start toward the end of this month. It will take place in two phases, with phase two set for 2014.

Medina is also going to improve its parking lots, with this paving work starting today, April 15 and lasting about a week, depriving drivers of approximately 20 parking spaces.

The city will post signs to notify drivers of the temporary lack of available parking, and could work with poster printing services to make sure the signs are clear and concise.