Great Lakes Week 2012 takes action in Cleveland area

September 3, 2012 by  

The theme for Great Lakes Week 2012 is ‘Taking Action, Delivering Results’. Hundreds of public officials, leaders in conservation, advocates, and scientists will gather in Cleveland, just north of Medina, to discuss and focus upon cleaning up the Great Lakes.

Among the topics of discussion will be how to reduce pollution and runoff into the lakes, how to rid the area of toxins, and various possible methods to restore the wildlife habitat and fish to the area. Ideas for ways to prevent invasive species such as the Asian Carp from entering the waters in the area will also be discussed.

The annual Great Lakes Week is known to be one of the largest and widest-ranging Great Lakes conferences, including a number of Canadian and United States organizations. Topics of interest to individuals living on either side of the Great Lakes area will be discussed in depth so that actions may be taken to keep the area clean, clear, and beautiful.

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‘Taking Action, Delivering Results’ will take place September 10 – 14 in the downtown area of Cleveland.