$7 million reconstruction project planned for West Smith

May 7, 2012 by  

The city of Medina is planning a reconstruction project to the West Smith area that will run approximately $7 million. Renovation of the area will start at Lake Road and expand as much as 400 feet past State road, going towards the Square.

The first phase of the project, which is scheduled to begin in the fall, will encompass Lake Road and expand east towards the railroad tracks, just past Plastipak Packaging. Construction for the first phase of the project is estimated to run approximately 8 – 10 months according to Patrick Patton, Medina Engineer.

The second phase will begin sometime next year and will expand from the railroad tracks to State Road and beyond.

City officials have implemented this reconstruction project to improve the infrastructure of Medina’s industrial sector and hopefully attract new businesses to the area. New businesses coming in to the Medina area could mean more business for local print companies. Companies. organizations and businesses locating to Medina or opening a new store will generally require stationery printers and business card printing to include new information on business materials. Some businesses may also choose to use digital business cards.

The reconstruction project will include replacement of storm sewers, water lines and pavement encompassing 2,300 feet along West Smith Road.

The first phase will cost approximately $2.4 million, which will make it the highest priced road project in Medina’s history. The cost of the second phase, however, will surpass that. The city will pay about $5.4 million, while the remainder will be funded by state and federal grants.