Mansfield workshop to transform silver spoons into wearable art

December 9, 2018 by  

A Mansfield session will have area residents hunting through their drawers and browsing through thrift stores looking for the item they will need to craft a piece of jewelry they can wear or give to a friend.

The class will be teaching a how a spoon or fork can be transformed into a piece of wearable art. Both silver and silver plated cutlery can be used, and if a participant doesn’t have one, there will be a selection offered for sale.

The students will learn how they can cut, file, sand, bend, and then polish the piece so that it will have a high sheen. If there is time, the attendees can complete more than one ring, and the organizers noted that the class is suitable for those who are new to metalsmithing. They went on to explain that cutlery made from stainless steel or plain steel will not work for a project like this.

This workshop is being offered to the community by the Mansfield Arts Center, and it is scheduled to run for four hours. A printer in the area will be able to utilize a variety of graphic design techniques to produce materials that let people in the area know that an event like this is on offer.

The registration fee for this event, which will be held on February 16 is $55, and a discount is offered for members of the center.