Residents in Lewis Center still rely on the Yellow Pages

February 3, 2012 by  

A study that was recently conducted by ITM Marketing and initiated by Haines Publishing revealed that the Yellow Pages still serve as a relevant search tool despite technological advancements such as the Internet. The research concluded that 31 percent of residents in Lewis Center still depend on the Yellow Pages to search for local business and services before they search online. The research actually incorporated the entire Delaware County area. Countywide, results indicated that nearly 50 percent of residents in the county still use the Yellow Pages when searching for a local business or public service and look to them as a reliable method of obtaining information.

This research indicates that advertising in the Yellow Pages is still a reliable means of marketing for local businesses. Lewis Center printing companies and other businesses would do well to advertise in the Yellow Pages. This research shows that many Lewis Center residents will turn to the Yellow Pages when they are searching for printing services, businesses, or other public services before they search for them on the Internet.

The study also included the cities of Westerville, Sunbury, Powell, Galena, Delaware and Ashley. While the results varied from city to city, it was evident that the Yellow Pages still serve as a valuable advertising tool for businesses and a reliable search tool for residents throughout the county. In some of the cities, more than 60 percent of residents stated that they turn to the Yellow Pages first.