Lebanon foodies will soon have a new place to try

January 15, 2014 by  

Keith and Christine Lang celebrated the holidays by buying the Village Wine Cellars in downtown Lebanon, with plans to revamp the shop and add a restaurant to it.

The Langs first plan to expand the shop by adding wine tastings, stocking up on craft beers, and increasing the number of wines they carry.

Even better, from the viewpoint of foodies, is their idea of adding a restaurant, which they have slated to open in six months to a year. Initially, the restaurant will focus on salads, subs, and pizza, but Keith’s long-term plan is to eventually run a full-service restaurant featuring Italian dishes. He plans to use local ingredients to make his own bread, sauces, and pasta.

Although Keith himself has not worked in restaurants, a number of his family members based in northeast Ohio work in Italian eateries. He says he has always dreamed of being part of the industry himself, and adds that he and Christine have been Lebanon residents for five years, and have come to regard it as home. They are now also familiar enough with the community to predict that an Italian restaurant will fit well with the other businesses in the city.

The Langs could consider working with a poster printing company to create colorful posters for display throughout Lebanon, announcing the openings. They could use one for the wine shop and a second when they open the restaurant.

The shop has a tentative re-opening date of January 24.