Lebanon area students all set for summer

April 15, 2013 by  

Students in Warren and Butler counties, an area which includes Lebanon, Ohio, will soon be able to attend camps and take part in a variety of activities as diverse as building their own guitars or designing robots.

It has been confirmed that there are four camps scheduled this year, each lasting one week. The Butler County camp will be held in Hamilton, at the Educational Service Center on North Erie Highway. Warren County’s camp will be in Lebanon, at the Educational Service Center on Deerfield Road. The camps are limited to 20 students at each campus, and will meet in June and July.

The camps will focus on math, science, engineering, and technology, to show students that interesting and innovative things happen in the ‘hard’ sciences. John Lazares, superintendent of the Warren County Educational Service Center, said there are a lot of “bright kids” in the area who need to be challenged, and feels this will help them understand that science can be exciting and fulfilling.

Sponsored by the Butler and Warren County Education Service Centers, the sessions are meant to be fun as well as educational, with the overall aim of increasing the number of high school graduates who go on to college. Currently, only about 54% of the counties’ graduating students pursue a university degree.

The four camps available are: digital photography and comedy for grades 7 through 12; building guitars for grades 9-12; and building aquatic robots for grades 10-12. Camp organizers could work with brochure printers to create course materials and boost attendance.