Green Bay Packaging to move to Lebanon

January 10, 2013 by  

Green Bay Packaging Inc. – a nationally recognized manufacturer of corrugated shipping containers – will soon be relocating from its current facility in cincinnati to lebanon. The current Cincinnati division of the company is located in Sycamore Township, but plans are in place to move from that location to a new facility located in Lebanon. The company plans to start moving this month, gradually moving its entire Cincinnati operations within the first quarter.

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Green Bay Packaging, Inc. will be moving into a 270,000,000 square foot area located on 28 acres at 760 Kingsview Drive. A design center, manufacturing area, warehousing space, and offices are planned for the location. Green Bay intends to start moving its office operations to the new location this month. The manufacturing equipment will be moved to the new facilities throughout the first few months of the year. The Cincinnati division has maintained operations in the Sycamore Township location since 1985. Green Bay Packaging reports that increased sales necessitate the move to a larger location.

The current Cincinnati plant employs more than 90 workers, and the company provides employment for more than 3,000 individuals in its 15 plants throughout the country. Green Bay Packaging’s current sales are in excess of $1bn.