Dayton retailer sets foot in Lebanon

October 21, 2013 by  

American Pi, a retail shop specializing in U.S.-made clothing and gifts, opened a new location in Lebanon on October 8 and plans to have an official opening-day party and ribbon cutting later this week.

Danielle Fritz, the company CEO, has been part of the revitalization of downtown Dayton and, with the success the shop enjoyed there, decided to open a second location.

Although Fritz had made it clear earlier she wanted to expand to new locations, opening the Lebanon shop comes so soon after the Dayton launch that some observers were surprised. However, Fritz said that when Kelly Gabbard, an extremely successful consignment boutique operator, wanted to move on, the opportunity to take over her space was too good to pass up, particularly as American Pi has the same “vibe” as Gabbard’s shop. The new Lebanon location is at 748 East Columbus Avenue.

American Pi began as a pop-up store in Dayton, as part of its Activated Space program. Pop-up stores, which are usually set up without the intention of remaining in place for any long than it takes their stock to sell out, are often created as outlets for niche retailers who handle one or two products. However, in the case of American Pi, the concept was so successful that the store expanded into a permanent 2,350 square foot space.

American Pi could work with a flyer printing company to create hand-outs for distribution by hand. Such distribution would no doubt create excitement and could bring a number of people in the doors, especially on the formal opening day of this Thursday, October 24.