‘Starter’ plan revealed for downtown Lancaster development

February 17, 2013 by  

A new ‘starter’ plan was recently unveiled by city officials and Destination Downtown Lancaster, which was formerly known as Main Street Lancaster.

For the last couple of years, the city has been working closely with various focal groups to determine what kind of changes they want to see take place in the downtown area. The new starter plan that was recently introduced involves moving the hub of activity downtown from Broad Street south to the intersection circle at Front, Columbus, Broad, and Perry Streets.

Mike Pettit, Economic Development Director for the city of Lancaster, said no future ten/twenty-year vision for downtown Lancaster is currently in place. He said:

“It’s something you really need to have to get investors interested in an area. It’s a really valuable recruiting and targeting tool. Columbus’ plan is a 104-page document.”

As the city of Lancaster works towards a master plan for future growth, new businesses might be expected to move into the area. Local printing companies may find themselves with extra business themselves as orders come in for poster printing or flyer printing to announce new restaurants or stores that move into the Lancaster area as a result of the economic growth plan.

David Uhl, Executive Director for Destination Downtown Lancaster, reported that the area that has been introduced as the new hub of downtown activity offers a lot of opportunity for development. He speculated that the area offers room for retail shopping, government offices, a green space, a hotel, a performing arts center, and parking. He also noted that all of these developments would be in close proximity of each other and within walking distance.