Lancaster citizens help raise money for local woman to purchase guide dog

February 26, 2012 by  

Local businesses and concerned citizens of Lancaster are coming together to help Jessica Archer regain her independence. Jessica, who suffers from epilepsy, as well as a neurological disorder that affects muscle movement, has been without a guide dog since last September. Archer’s beloved golden retriever, Hunter, passed away in September from brain cancer. Her faithful, four-legged companion was by her side for six years. During that time, Hunter was able to detect when Jessica was about to have a seizure and could warn her ahead of time, allowing her to prepare. Since Hunter’s death, Archer has lost a large portion of her independence.

When Carnival Foods owner, Dan Bay, became aware of Archer’s situation, he and his assistant store director, Otis Tate, created a fund raising campaign in the community to help Archer purchase Adam, a black lab who is currently in training at Amazing Tails, located in Oxford, PA.

Individuals interested in starting a fundraising drive or other charitable event might raise awareness in the community by creating a poster, printing it and distributing the flyers to various businesses or posting them around the community. Businesses that initiate a fundraising campaign may even make use of local print companies for banner printing or other printing services.

Adam will cost $7,000 and will have completed his training by this spring. Carnival Foods has been collecting donations through the “Raising Our Paws for Adam the Service Dog” campaign in the store. Shoppers can make a donation by purchasing a card in the shape of a yellow paw print that they write their names on. The cards are then hung in the store. Fairfield National Bank has also stepped in to help raise money for the purchase of Adam. So far, nearly $5,000 has been raised.