Lancaster bicyclists look forward to trail completion

June 26, 2013 by  

Bicycle enthusiasts in Lancaster, Ohio, should soon have a new trail to appreciate. The Lancaster City Bike Trail, which has been under construction for approximately seven years, is still not finished, but riders are already enjoying it. Last November, a bridge over the Hocking River, which connects the trail to a wetland area and a shopping district, was finished. Now the last part of the project left to be completed is paving part of the trail, but even there, a base has already been put down so riders can use it until the paving work is done.

The trail, which Is 10.5 miles in length, is part of the Lancaster Parks & Recreation Department, and is being described as a fun and useful addition to the city’s parks. Even incomplete, the trail is getting a lot of praise from people who are using it for recreation, playing sports, holding walks to raise funds, and putting on bicycle events such as the Tour de Cause. As many as 50,000 people use various parts of the trail annually, according to Terre Vandervoort, who has worked on the project since 2004. She notes that although it’s nearly complete, the trail is like a person’s house: even if they think it’s finished, there’s always more to be done.

Since the weather is warming up, Lancaster officials could work with a banner printing expert to create a display that would enliven a fundraiser held on the trail itself. Banners are meant for outdoor use, making them appropriate for such an event.