Lancaster area Kroger stores plan to help Meals on Wheels

March 7, 2013 by  

Four Kroger grocery stores, two located in Pickerington and two in Fairfield, plan to give extra change collected to two different ‘Meals on Wheels’ operations.

Fairfield County Kroger stores have been donating money collected in their checkout lines to the LifeCare Alliance Meals on Wheels Program, located in Franklin county.

An employee of the Fairfield County program saw the donation boxes in Kroger and mentioned it to officials, who in turn wrote to the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette to express disappointment that the money was going to a different county. Kroger spokeswoman Jackie Siekmann said the company did not know Fairfield County had such a program, saying they had been unable to find a website. Ritta Seitz, assistant director of the Fairfield operation, replied that Meals on Wheels has been part of the community for 40 years.

The two Meals on Wheels organizations met and reached an agreement February 26, to the effect that Kroger would donate to the Fairfield organization. The money it has already collected is ear-marked for LifeCare, so the grocery has pledged to match the total raised and donate it to the Fairfield County Meals on Wheels. Siekmann said that she believed this to be the correct course of action and added that Kroger wanted to help the community in which it does business.

Kroger could consider working with talented flyer printers to create a piece for direct mail. It could use the opportunity to explain its commitment to the Meals on Wheels program, and how and where customers can make donations.