Fears about approaching bypass relieved

September 18, 2012 by  

Fears many Nelsonville business owners and other community members once had about the new Route 33 bypass that will go around the city have been relieved. Originally, many business owners feared the 8.5 mile bypass would slow down visitors to the area and eventually dry up the town. After talking with a number of Lancaster business owners, however, the outlook has changed and part of the development is set to open tomorrow, September 19.

Lancaster, which is located just to the northwest of Nelsonville, has already experienced the effects of the bypass. Lancaster residents originally had the same fears Nelsonville community members did but business owners there reported an increase in sales and economic development. Instead of choking the town until it smothered, the bypass had exactly the opposite effect by bringing in a number of new businesses and visitors to the area.

A growth in the economic development of the city will probably mean an influx of business for local printing companies in a variety of ways. New businesses moving into the area will require any number of printing services, such as business card printing and stationery printing. Since the city will be attempting to attract tourists to the area, there is little doubt that existing businesses will run a large number of promotions and advertisements through flyer printing and banner printing.

Nelsonville residents are now viewing the bypass as an opportunity to expand the community and experience economic growth. While parts of the bypass are complete, and other sections are due to be finished in the fall, the completed project is not scheduled for completion until September 2013.