Art and Clay in Lancaster to sculpt some changes

November 15, 2012 by  

Art and Clay, located at 150 West Main Street in Lancaster, will soon be getting an update. Workshops for glass fusion will start next month, and plans for a coffee house are in the works. Temple Montanaz, Art and Clay’s general manager, said she envisions the place becoming an area in which people can gather to meet up, hang out, and have a cup of coffee. Montanez said:

“It will be a full-fledged coffee house and with different coffee drinks, deli food, and pastries.

“We want people to be able to bring their laptops in, do some work, or have fun. We want to be a creative center for everyone.”

When stores make changes or additions, owners often use printing services provided by print companies in the area to announce the alterations to the community or advertise special promotions as the changes are taking place. Poster printing and flyer printing services are just a couple of ways store owners may decide to publicly announce updates to their businesses.

Glass fusion, beginning at the store next week, is the process of fusing together pieces of glass and placing them in a kiln. Montanez stated that it is similar to stained glass, making it something to be enjoyed within all age groups. She added that a fee for materials will be charged, but beginning classes will be free. As well as the glass fusing workshops, a number of other classes are planned for the future.