Fairview Park residents presented with several outdoor activities

June 8, 2013 by  

Staff members at Fairview Park, Ohio’s Gemini Recreation Center, knowing that people often enjoy exercising outside, have created new programs to get people outdoors this summer.

One program is the ‘Outdoor Cycling Club’, which had its first meeting a few days ago, on June 5. Riders will pedal through Cleveland Metroparks each Wednesday at 7:00 pm for seven consecutive weeks. In case of rain, the club will move to the Center’s spinning room, with a start time of 7.30 pm. Each ride will be led by a master spin instructor and passionate cyclist, who will take a different route every week.

Another program offered is called ‘Fit Families in Fairview’. The course runs June 17 through August 5, and focuses on families and how they can improve their health. There will be nutrition and cooking classes, yoga, a SuperFoods class, Zumba, and other activities.

The Center also offers an ‘Outdoor Bootcamp’ for adults, which comprises a rigorous hour-long cardio session, including circuit training and an agility ladder. If the weather turns bad, the event will move into the gym.

A walking club is also being formed, but this one has a twist: playing cards will be hidden at various points along the walking routes, and the person who comes up with the best poker hand will win a prize. For information on these and other programs, please check with the Gemini Center.

The Center could work with brochure printers to create a handout that explains the programs, and the benefits to be derived from each activity.