Community Open House draws large crowd

October 17, 2012 by  

The annual Community Open House for the Metroparks drew a large crowd On Saturday, October 6. The event was held at Ranger headquarters located in Fairview Park on the Valley Parkway. Mike Cannavino, who is the Metroparks spokesman and dispatcher, stated this was something they have been doing since the headquarters first opened, enthusing:

“It’s just something we do. We love it.”

Activities at the Metroparks Community Open House included information booths, tours of the facility, various exhibits, and hands-on activities with the mounted Ranger unit. Cannavino explained that open house events are important to the community:

“For one, October is Crime Prevention Awareness Month, and it’s just a way to get out in the public more.”

Community open houses and other activities usually use flyer printing, poster printing, or other forms of printed materials to advertise the event. Information booths located at such events typically provide visitors with informative pamphlets and other materials often printed by brochure printers in the area.

Cannavino added that the Metroparks Community Open House is a fun way to involve and interact with children in the community. He noted the importance of informing children when they are young about who to call if they encounter a problem while in the park. He also noted that Rangers carry a bit of a stigma of not being police officers. Rangers are, however, Ohio-certified police officers.

Ranger Tim Garris was also in attendance with his canine partner, Logan. Garris said Logan is already very much a member of the family and arguably the head of the household.