Two new manufacturers move to Fairfield

November 9, 2012 by  

Two new manufacturing businesses are relocating to Fairfield. The Western States Machine Company in Hamilton and OSC IntelliTrak Forest Park both intend to move operations to the Fairfield area in the near future. The Western States Machine Company makes equipment used in the sugar cane industry, as well as other markets, while IntelliTrak designs, makes, and installs conveyor systems.

As new businesses move into the Fairfield area, local and surrounding area print companies may be called upon to provide a variety of printing services. When businesses such as these two manufacturing plants relocate to a new area, business card printing and printing of other business-related materials will no doubt be necessary to make updates reflecting the new location.

The Western States Machine Company intends to lease a 10.6 acre piece of land located at 65 Commerce Center Drive. Construction of the 76,000 square foot building was scheduled to begin earlier this month and is estimated to be complete by the end of next year. The company will initially bring more than 65 employees with it and promises to create an additional 24 jobs within two years after opening operations.

OCS IntelliTrak intends to relocate its manufacturing plant in Forest Park to a facility located on Seward Road. IntelliTrak’s president, Tom Robertson, is a 1985 graduate of Fairfield High School. Robertson stated:

“I’m very fond of Fairfield, it’s always been home. I’m very excited and very proud to do business in Fairfield.”

The company, which has simply outgrown its current location, will operate in the 30,000 square foot building previously occupied by Deveroes. It currently employs a total of 15 individuals.