Fairfield residents soar to new heights

August 25, 2013 by  

Lancaster, Ohio, was literally full of hot air earlier this month when the first hot air balloon festival ever held in the city took place.

The festival, which was held at the Fairfield County Airport, was a fundraiser to help those who have been victimized by violent criminals. There was no admission fee, but event organizers encouraged visitors to contribute to the Healing Hearts Memorial Fund. The fund was established to provide financial help to survivors of violent crimes and their families.

The festival organizers anticipated that the balloons would fly at approximately 6.45pm, but there were many other activities scheduled. These included a “cold air balloon”, which organizers called a “walk-about balloon”. The balloon was inflated in the same way it would be prepared for flight, only it lay on the ground. People who wished to do so could walk around inside and examine it closely.

Another experience was what’s known as a “glow”. In this event, the balloons were brought back to the airport after they flew, taken apart, and then re-inflated. Since the glow was scheduled for the 90 minutes from 8.30pm – 10:00pm, it was dark and the fires lit up the insides of the balloons, a beautiful sight that gave the process its name.

There were bounce houses for children, as well as food. Organizers said they hope the festival will become an annual event. To encourage the city to continue the celebration, organizers could work with brochure printers to describe this year’s successful event and plans for the next.