Fairfield region favored by food and beverage industry

March 6, 2013 by  

When food and beverage companies need to expand or want to build new facilities, they often look to Fairfield, Ohio and the surrounding region. With two companies expanding into the area recently, local companies and officials have explained why Warren County and Butler County are in such high demand.

Recent expansions of Koch Foods, which opened a plant in Fairfield, and AdvancePierre Foods, which located a facility in West Chester Township, are supported by news that Empire Packing Company plans to open a meat processing plant here in 2014. The presence of these various companies solidifies the area’s reputation as the place to be for those in the food industry.

The reasons given include the fact that there is abundant fresh water, from both the Ohio River and groundwater. There is also water available from the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer, which flows from Logan County to Southwest Ohio. Fairfield itself has the most water in its part of the aquifer, making it very attractive to concerns such as breweries that need large amounts of water for their manufacturing processes.

Fairfield, Butler County and the Midwest in general have another advantage over other states: the water is always available. Other areas of the country, notably the Southwest and West, are often forced to restrict water usage in the summer due to drought conditions. Few if any such restrictions are necessary here.

Fairfield officials could work with expert brochure printers to create a piece for mailing to companies, pointing out the advantages that would result from locating operations here.