Fairfield Hospital Renovation to Start This Month

April 17, 2012 by  

Construction on the Mercy Health-Fairfield Hospital is expected to be underway sometime this month. The hospital’s renovation and expansion project is estimated to be finished in the fall, according to Nanette Bentley, a spokeswoman for the hospital.

The Fairfield hospital is undergoing a $10.5 million expansion and renovation project that is designed to convert all of the patient rooms in the hospital to private rooms. Some patient rooms will be relocated to the fifth floor of the hospital’s patient tower, which was previously left empty. When the patient tower was constructed in 2005, it was decided to leave the fifth floor empty so that it might be used for future expansion of the hospital facilities. The expansion project will also add eight beds to the hospital, allowing room for more patients.

The hospital hopes to raise approximately $1.5 million of the total amount to be used towards the expansion project through donations. Bentley states that they have currently received almost that much through various contributions and gifts to the hospital. Included in that amount is a large donation that was received from an anonymous donor.

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