Fairfield becomes home to Western States’ headquarters

September 27, 2013 by  

Western States Machine Co., an industry leader in centrifugal development, has moved to Fairfield. The company’s corporate headquarters is now located at 625 Commerce Center Drive, and comprises 76,000 square feet, making it 50% larger than its previous space. This allows space for manufacturing, as well as administrative offices.

Western States got its start in 1917, and today develops and builds improvements to centrifugals. Western concentrates on the sugar industry, though its products also work well with agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals.

The company credits an increase in the number of new machine orders for the need for expansion. The building is state-of-the-art and high-tech, and Doug Buckner, CEO of Western States, said he was excited by the design, since it would handle any plans for the future. The increased size of the shop is tailored exactly to the specific type of manufacturing done by Western States, and the layout is designed to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Buckner also said the design of the manufacturing floor means Western States will have new capabilities in future.

Since there is a possibility the company may expand its workforce further if orders continue to increase, Western States could work with local brochure printers and other print service providers to create a mailer for fairfield residents, giving the history of the company and including photos of the new facility – no doubt creating goodwill and developing a pool of potential employees for the future.