Construction on Cincinnati Sports Zone gets started

July 4, 2012 by  

Renovations on the Cincinnati Sports Zone in Fairfield got underway late last month. The new $8-million sports facility will be located in what was formerly known as the Forest Park Mall. The facility was originally planned to encompass 270,000 square feet but the most recent purchase will mean the sports complex will be approximately 100,000 square feet larger than originally planned.

The large sports complex will not only bring in extra business to the Fairfield area, it will also create new jobs in the area, attract tourists, and create a large number of jobs in the area. As large businesses such as this move into the area, local printing companies may be used to provide banner printing, poster printing, or other printing services as businesses in the area take advantage of the increased number of tourists in the area to run special promotions and advertisements. As more jobs are created in the area as well, professionals may seek out services such as business card printing to promote themselves in their new careers.

The Cincinnati Sports Zone will include 12 volleyball courts, a synthetic turf measuring 30,000 square feet, three ice rinks, a sports bar, restaurant, and party rooms. Nick Poe, spokesperson for the complex, stated that he hopes even more large retailers and businesses will move into the area and parents will start dropping kids off to play sports while they shop. He also stated that the complex will be open to accommodate community and private sports leagues.