Extreme Couponing Comes to Elyria

August 2, 2012 by  

Everyone wants to save a buck or two. Thanks to a couponing class, Elyria residents will soon have the opportunity to learn how.

Couponing with Rachel will take place on Wednesday, August 15 at Elyria High School. The event is sponsored by local paper, the Chronicle. Anyone over the age of 16 is allowed to sign up for the couponing workshop. Tickets are $10.

The deadline to register for the two hour workshop is August 8. Since space is limited, interested parties are encouraged to register early. People can register online at the Chronicle’s website.

Rachel writes a column for the Chronicle showing people how to save money using coupons. She’s been using coupons herself for over four years. During the workshop, she will show both beginning and more advanced couponers how to get organized and how to maximize coupon use for the greatest savings. In some cases, the goal of using coupons is to get items for free.

A key component of the couponing class will teach Elyria residents the rules of couponing. Couponing rules vary from store to store. If a shopper doesn’t follow them, she risks voiding the coupon entirely.

To promote the Elyria event, Rachel and the Chronicle could have made use of flyer printing. The flyers could be hung in store windows around the city as well as at the high school itself.

Workshop attendees won’t walk away empty handed. Each participant will receive coupons, an information kit and a goodie bag. Refreshments will be offered during the class.