Elyria schools encourage comic book reading

November 8, 2012 by  

Comic books, once largely frowned upon, are now seen as a way to encourage students to read. On November 5, the Elyria public school system distributed 7,000 copies of a comic book to students.

Each school was to set aside 15 minutes during the day on Monday for students to read the comic. The school system partnered with the Elyria Comic Book Initiative to provide the comics to students. The publication chosen was GMAN No. 1 by Chris Giarrusso, whose style has been described as simple and charming and his dialogue has been described as clever.

Elyria schools have been encouraging students to read comic books for a few years. According to Ann Schloss, the director of academic services for the school system, promoting and allowing students to read comics encourages them to become avid readers. Instead of forcing students to read books in which they might have no interest, schools now let students pick their reading material.

Another way to encourage reading in Elyria schools is to make use of poster printing. Bright, colorful posters could list comic books and engaging novels for students to read for fun.

Comic book fever continues in Elyria through the month of November. On November 12, 15, and 17, middle-school students will have the chance to participate in a ‘Let’s Make Comic Books’ club, meeting on Thursdays at 5:00 pm at the West River branch of the Elyria public library. Additionally, several schools have comic book clubs that let students swap comics and discuss their favorites.