Blood bank benefits from veteran and his family

September 12, 2012 by  

Nearly 70 years ago, Soldier Arthur Goodman donated his first pint of blood in a medical tent in the middle of Germany during the midst of the Second World War. His blood was given to wounded soldiers in an effort to save their lives. His altruism was passed down to his family in its reunion on August 31.

Elyria resident Goodman, now 86-years-old, has made a donation every year since that fateful day back in the mid-1940s. In total, Art Goodman has donated over 41 gallons of blood. According to Lisa Mayles, director of LifeShare Community Blood Services in Elyria, he has donated enough blood over his lifetime to save over 1,300 people. Mayles went on to describe Goodman as a legend.

His generosity has inspired other members of his family. His great-niece, Jennifer Moore, organized a family outing to the blood bank as part of the family reunion. Moore was inspired by her great-uncle’s giving attitude throughout his life and also by the devastating fires that took place in her home of Denver this past summer. She says she has learned the importance of giving back and helping out.

During the family donation, three generations of Goodmans donated blood. To mark the event, the family could enlist the help of Elyria poster printing. Posters could be printed with a photo of Arthur Goodman and his fellow family members as they donated together. The posters could be given to the family and hung in the reception area of the LifeShare building to encourage others to donate to this lifesaving cause as a family as well.