Be thrilled by Sleeping Beauty performance

May 31, 2012 by  

At the end of June, the community of Elyria will be treated to a performance by Ohio Dance Theatre’s Ballet for Children. This performance is taking place at the Elyria Performing Arts Center located at 601 Middle Avenue in Elyria, Ohio, beginning at 2:00 pm on June 30.

The Ohio Dance Theatre’s Ballet for Children Series performance of Sleeping Beauty is being sponsored by the Ohio Dance Theatre and is a wonderful, family friendly, 60-minute adaptation of the much beloved children’s classic fairy tale. In this adaptation, Princess Aurora experiences the world of fairies, forests, curses, and royalty over a long period of time. After being cursed, the princess is doomed to sleep for a hundred years and only the kiss of a handsome prince can remove the curse. This delightful children’s ballet will have the audience glued to their seats as the colorful and somewhat mysterious adaptation is performed. Children in the audience will be inspired and fascinated as the characters drift effortlessly across the stage.

This performance will be accompanied by the “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” which will feature the beautiful written and orchestrated work of composer Benjamin Britten and will introduce the children in the audience to the instruments found in the orchestra. Brochure printing and other printing services will no doubt have been used to promote this beautiful ballet to the public.

Tickets for the performance range between $18 and $25 per person depending on the seating selected. For additional information about this event, please visit the Ohio Dance Theatre’s website or call the Elyria Performing Arts Center.