Wendy’s tests new Pretzel Burger

February 3, 2013 by  

Wendy’s, the restaurant chain based in Dublin, is testing out a new burger at selected store locations.

The new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger has been introduced to some Wendy’s restaurants in Florida, according to social media activity and advertisements in some areas of the state. A spokesman for the fast-food chain, however, declined to provide information about where the new burger is being advertised or what the current sales reports are on the new sandwich.

The bacon cheeseburger is served on a premium pretzel-like bun and is part of the Wendy’s corporation’s effort to position its restaurants on the upper end of the fast food spectrum. Executives at the company had previously hinted that they were considering using higher quality breads to raise the public’s perception about the quality of the food.

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One reason Wendy’s is experimenting with the bun is because of the rising price of beef. While the cost of beef continues to rise, many restaurant chains must find a way to keep the prices of their menu items down while justifying an increase in higher prices for some menu items. By offering premium sandwiches at higher prices, Wendy’s is able to maintain the lower prices offered on its value menu and some other products.