Reports show Wendy’s shares rise

July 15, 2012 by  

Shares of the Wendy’s fast-food chain, based in Dublin, are on the rise as the company attempts to reinvent its image. According to stock reports as of July 11, shares of the company are up 3.1 percent, or 14 cents, to $4.72. In the last year, Wendy’s Co. shares have averaged a trade value with a low of $4.29 and a high of $5.58.

In a bid to revamp its image, the fast food has incorporated new leadership in its stores and done a complete overhaul of its menu. Some analysts believe this may well account for part of the company’s growth rate in recent months, as the fast-food giant dethroned Burger King from its second place reign as the largest hamburger chain in the U.S. McDonald’s holds the first place honors.

As large companies, such as Wendy’s, attempt to restructure their operations and expand their image to reinvent themselves, local printing companies may be called upon to provide a variety of printing services. Special promotions are often advertised in the form of banner printing. Poster printing may also be necessary to reflect changes in menu items.

Nick Setvan, senior analyst for Wedbush Equity Research, increased the food chain’s ratings in anticipation of future growth in profits and sales. Setvan raised his price target from $5 to $5.50 and switched his previous rating of ‘Neutral’ to ‘Outperform.’ He based his increased rating upon the Wendy’s Co. sales predictions for the second quarter, as well as on profit potential for the future.