Dublin teams up with others to put an end to job poaching

January 11, 2012 by  

In recent months, 10 cities located in central Ohio have been discussing ways to put an end to what is referred to as job poaching, the practice of luring businesses and large companies out of one city and enticing them to move to another with offers such as tax breaks or financial incentives. The central Ohio cities currently working together to put a stop to this practice locally include dublin, Grandview Heights, Hilliard, Upper arlington, Worthington, westerville, New Albany, Grove City, Gahanna and Columbus.

Job poaching not only results in a loss of jobs; it results in a loss of business as well. When a large company is lured away from one city to another, it takes its business with it. This means that a company that formerly had used local businesses, such as a print company in the area, will no longer require the services from that business. Dublin printing companies may lose business as a result of a local business moving to another area.

Plans and discussions between the central Ohio cities involved with the attempt to end local job poaching are still in the works, but the cities are discussing methods to work together to bring new businesses to their cities without resorting to the practice of job poaching. New companies in the Dublin area could also mean an increase in business for local print companies, as these businesses will require a variety of Printing Services, such as business card printing and Flyer Printing.