Dublin students have an opportunity to attend glass arts camp

May 22, 2013 by  

Creation Nation, a Dublin store that teaches its customers how to make the glass works it designs, is offering a summer camp for children, the first of its kind.

A story from earlier this month reveals Creation Nation’s owner, Karen Bresky, has created glass projects suitable for children and made sure the classes are both simple and extremely safe.

According to Bresky, clients first thought of Creation Nation as a pottery shop where customers could paint their own creations. However, glass projects now account for two-thirds of the store’s business. Children in particular have fun making glass projects.

Glass art combines both art and science, with patrons providing their artistic input while the staff members handle the science, controlling the kiln that fuses the glass. In order for the process to work, the glass must be heated to a temperature between 1290°F and 1800°F – a blistering heat that can be dangerous.

Each camp will be monitored by an artist who works in glass and ceramics. The children will create a pattern using pre-cut glass pieces, which they attach to a base piece. A staff member will then use the kiln to fuse the glass.

The glass camps are for children aged 6-14, and run 9.30 am to noon, Tuesdays through Thursdays. The camps begin on June 18 and run through August 15, and will be held at the glass studio at 7537 Sawmill Road, Dublin. Parents who want to schedule a camp should contact the studio.

Bresky could work with flyer printing experts to create materials to publicize these camps, both via mail and as handouts in the store.