Dublin middle school science teacher sets up Food Force food drive

February 6, 2012 by  

Kevin Levine, a sixth-grade science teacher at Sells Middle School in Dublin, is working to lead students in spreading the word about a fundraising effort to help feed families living in and around central Ohio. Levine said that he is continually reading about families who are using food banks and struggling in hard times. Many of these families don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Levine decided to put forth an effort to get kids to help other kids.

Fundraisers and food drives are common around the holidays, but Levine hopes to create an interest that will continue throughout the entire year. Individuals interested in spreading the word about food drives or other fundraising efforts often do so by creating a flyer, printing it and distributing the flyers through the community or posting them at local businesses. Some organizations may even choose to invest in the printing services of dublin print companies to provide banner printing or other services for a fundraising effort.

Through contacting the Mid-Ohio Food bank, Levine helped put together Food Force, an online food drive that will continue throughout the year. The middle school science teacher is hoping his students and other kids will spread word about the drive and create interest in the community. The website makes it possible for people to make donations right from their computers without ever having to leave their homes.

On the website, Levine decided to ask for a donation that seemed “kid friendly.” He asks for $12 donations, which could purchase approximately $100 of groceries through the food bank. For every $1 that is donated, $8 worth of groceries can be purchased for the food bank. Those interested in making a donation can visit the website at http://fooddrive.midohiofoodbank.org/goto/foodforce2012.