Dublin continues to develop the Bridge Street District

April 11, 2013 by  

Dublin, Ohio officials revealed at the end of last month that it will be expensive to continue with three pieces of development in the Bridge Street District.

The three projects comprise a pedestrian bridge, relocating Riverside Drive, and developing a riverside park. The cost for these efforts is estimated to be approximately $29.5m.

The costs were revealed at a meeting between the Dublin City Council and members of the Zoning Commission. The amounts are roughly $12m for the bridge, $9.7m to relocate the street, and $7.8m for the park, which will cover approximately 20 acres on both sides of the Scioto River.

City official Terry Foegler said he believed these three projects in particular are necessary to encourage development in the Bridge Street District and along the river. Plans for the effort have been underway since 2009, and are aimed at creating a better quality of life in the city’s core. The section of the city under discussion is located between the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange and Sawmill Road, along SR 161.

Consultant Darren Meyer said he believed moving Riverside Drive must be the first of the three projects undertaken, since it will impact the way the other projects are carried out. Specifically, moving the roadway will free land for the park on the river’s east side, where trails are planned that will give visitors beautiful views over the water.

City officials could work with flyer printing experts to create a mailing that will keep Dublin residents informed about the details of the projects as they move forward.